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Your final match? 'I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY!' πŸ™Š Erik ten Hag | Man City v Man United | FA Cup Final

That’s The Way

After watching us in that game. I’ve changed my mind; we need to keep Bruno Fernandes. He was exceptional against Newcastle today. I think we also have to start getting behind what Erik Ten Hag has been saying all along. This club is in this position because the squad needs more. It needs more in terms of the right incoming players and the right outgoing players. Read More

We have to Accept This Season

Do I still support Erik Ten Hag? Yes, I still want us to finish the season off as best we can and rejoice in the great things in life when you derail Liverpool. Absolutely. It’s what being a fan of Manchester United is about. Supporting your football club. Something I have done since the 90’s. There has only ever been one club for me. Not a lot of other people can say the same thing. Read More

There Are No Agendas

We need to be honest. Manchester United has been run like an absolute circus for the last ten years. The state of the club and how players are able to maximise coverage of themselves because it benefits them. It’s becoming a situation where Manchester United isn’t the focus anymore. It shouldn’t be like this. Why is Marcus Rashford able to use Manchester United as a vocal platform to defend his woeful football recently? Read More

It’s All Changed

I have to put things into perspective. I have to be honest about the state that Manchester United are in. It’s all changed now. I think about that game against Coventry City and the manner in which we collapsed. I’d be very surprised if Erik Ten Hag is our manager next season. Read More

This Manager Talk is Driving Me Potty

Has anyone gotten any wire-taps on Graham Potter’s phone lines recently? We could always ask the Germans for their help.. or maybe not. But jokes aside and in all seriousness now. It’s been chaotic in terms of who we’re being linked with. The media are seemingly trying to control the narrative of who they’d purposely like in charge of Manchester United. Read More

The Glazers Have Taken a Gamble

As a Manchester United fan first. I ain’t going to advocate probably the worst ownership in football. But what I will say, is the Glazers letting go of football operations is probably the biggest risk they’ve made in terms of their whole tenure so far. Whatever we think of the Glazers as Manchester United fans. The fact that they’ve totally removed themselves from all footballing operating operations is a sign of that gamble. Read More

If Erik Ten Hag Gets Sacked

I said this a few months back. INEOS will have the final say on Erik Ten Hag and there is no question that football is a results business. Personally, I want Erik Ten Hag to succeed. I hate the aspect of us sacking yet another manager. But what I will say, if there comes a time due to results that INEOS have to make that decision. Read More

We’re Beginning The Process

We’re all hoping that it’s a new era under Sir Jim and INEOS. However, it’s clear to see as a club we’ve still not fully recovered from the complete mismanagement of the Glazers. They do have to take a lot of blame for the state of the whole club right now. From Old Trafford to the fact we have little or no money to spend. Read More

Getting the Job Done

While it was a bit of a nervy way of getting over the line against Luton today. Getting the job done was the most important thing. It brings us back into contention in the Premier League top four and the improvement and integration of youth has been a key part of getting us on this streak of wins. Read More